Employee Feedback Forms

Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the Employee Feedback form with 58% of the team taking the time to respond. We are able to effectively monitor the staff morale and job satisfaction and identify areas where improvements could be made.

Other comments included: “I would like to say a massive thank you for the opportunity for working with Vcare24 I have enjoyed my time here and looking forwards for the continuing support and success”
“The company feels as if it is becoming increasingly professional. I am impressed with the way the recruitment and the interviewing process is developing. It should be the industry standard. Only having young people involved in the process would improve it further at this stage. Possibly something for the future.” “The support is there; you only have to ask.”
“I am really excited about what the future holds with V Care. I love how the company runs and how much care is shown to the young people in all of the homes. I feel part of a really special team who wants to enhance and improve the lives of young people”

We are in the process of fully analysing the data and looking at how we can make further improvements to continue to make the working environment a positive and productive place, with both the needs of the individual catered for and the staff development and wishes at the heart of what we do.

“I do think the training prepares staff regarding policies and procedures however, more training needs to be tailored to client bridge and also in house knowing how to manage expectations”.

Where we are overwhelmed by the amount of positivity, we have received from you all we understand that not everyone will feel 100% the same way, if you have any concerns at all we want you to feel confident enough to come forward and discuss this whether that be ustilising the Whistle-Blowing process, raising a grievance, talking to your line manager or coming in to speak to Vicky, Debbie or Jen about things, whoever you are comfortable talking to our doors are always open.

We are always looking to improve and develop practices and morale as a team.

Most of the feedback was incredibly positive with:
95% of the respondents being happy in their job role
95% of the respondents being confident in all elements of the job role
93% of the respondents having a positive working relationship with their Seniors/Manger
97% of the respondents feeling that all Policies and Procedures are accessible and fully reflect the practices.
92% of the respondents feeling support is easily accessible 90% of the respondents fee

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