Our Vision and Values

Our Vision – To earn the lifetime loyalty of our customers by consistently delivering high performing person-centered secure services across the UK

Our Vision

Secure Patient Transport

Our Promise

  • Always treat every person with the dignity and respect they deserve. Having mental health should not allow a person to be treated differently from those with a physical injury.
  • Offer a staff team with a high level of knowledge and experience particularly a great understanding of Mental Health.
  • Always provide a safe secure and comfortable vehicle for transporting individuals as we do not believe in using caged vehicles for mental health patients; the skills, knowledge and experiences of our staff team means the minimum force is required when using our services.

Residential Homes

Our Promise

  • To offer the finest staff to ignite the child/young person’s passion for learning and challenge them to achieve, their ‘personal best’.
  • Offer a stimulating, caring and supportive environment, where the child/young person will secure the skills and confidence they need to lead them into adulthood.
  • Offer the opportunity to develop interests and hobbies to keep them motivated whilst learning how to make and sustain healthy relationships.
  • Always look beyond any issues and problems the child/young person may have as we understand that every individual is unique and may have complex social, emotional, and mental health needs, some with additional learning and communication difficulties.
  • Always see the potential with and look beyond any barriers, never letting a child/young person past define there future and see their potential within.
  • Always provide a secure, consistent, structured environment where children/young people can work to overcome and manage any potential issues to engage in education and achieve their potential.
  • Offer a staff team with a high level of knowledge and experience relevant to the fully support the needs of the child/young person.

Our Values