Residential Care Services

VCare24 offer residential services to young people aged between 8-17 years old, providing 24-hour therapeutic care to young people with complex needs which can present in the form of criminalised behaviour, emotional and or behavioural difficulties. Working closely with other professionals we tailor the support to each individuals needs in a safe, welcoming, supportive and homely environment. Our development programme is designed to help each young person to optimise their own personal, social and vocational competency to live their lives successfully within the local community.

VCare24 offers a safe setting with supportive staff, being in a rural location with isolated surroundings to help reduce the risk for the young person and to promote support that can reduce any previous behaviours, away from the environment they have previously experienced. This can provide them the opportunity to see how different their lives can be.

Our aim is to develop and help young people individually. We want them to feel cared for, to be happy and healthy; and make sure that they are safe from anything or situation that may cause harm to them. Encouraging positive relationships, allowing them the choice and opportunity to express their wishes and feelings helps the young people feel valued and able to achieve their best. Supporting young people to build upon their self-esteem and confidence over time allows them to see their own abilities.

Our aim for each young person is to appreciate their ambitions and we will always offer to support their development and promote their hopes for the future.

Working closely with other professionals allows VCare24 to have a fundamental resource basis and good communication links within a multi-agency setting.

Maintaining links with family and friends, where appropriate, is often fundamental and positive contact will always be encouraged where possible.

Each young person can access therapeutic intervention with an independent provider, the purpose of which is to stabilise the young person and aid in their development moving forward. All young people will have full access to health care services, which will be continuously monitored with our in-house registered nurse.

In addition to this. V care 24 has an ‘in-house’ Safeguarding officer who offers support to the young people and ensures the young people are safe from harm.

To see our statement of purpose, please contact the office on 01430 803126

Residential Care Services