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During the development of VCare24 it became clear that there was a lack of education provisions in the local area for young people who are unable to attend mainstream schools. In line with the purpose, vision and values of the company ‘The Becklands’ aims to provide a bespoke educational provision with a person-centered approach, putting the young person at the heart of everything for them to ‘achieve their personal best’.

Details of provision to support children with special educational needs

In accordance with our ethos VCare24 Ltd actively promote and supports the education attainment of the young people we have residing with us, this is in line with each young person’s age, aptitude, needs, interest and potential.

“The education and achievements of children is actively promoted as valued in itself and as part of their preparation into adulthood” (Children’s Home Quality Standards 2015).

VCare24 Ltd recognises the need to ensure that all young people have access to an appropriate education provision which meets their statutory entitlement of 25 hours of education per week, young people are encouraged to participate in further training, voluntary work or employment. Ensuring every young person is protected from harm and neglect, every effort is made to enable them to learn and grow independently.

All young people with SEND have their needs identified to support academic progression and continued good physical and mental health and wellbeing. We work with local authorities’ and virtual schools to meet any EHCP needs and support any special educational needs with any visual, electronic or hearing aids to help all young person to achieve everything they aspire to be.

VCare24 is not registered as a school.

To enquire about training availability please contact us:

Telephone: 01430 803126
Email: [email protected]

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