Children with Learning Disabilities

Our vision is for children and young people with a learning disability or autism to be an equal part of the community, where they are accepted, respected and valued.
We are here to inspire and empower the children and young people we look after with learning disabilities or autism to identify aspirations, fulfil their potential and to lead safe, healthy and well-connected lives.

Our Objectives
To identify, maintain and grow a range of innovative, inclusive, person-centred support approaches which reflect the aspirations and needs of children and young people with learning disabilities or autism and improve their education, health, wellbeing, social inclusion and independent life skills.

To ensure that more children and young people with learning disabilities fulfil their hopes, dreams and aspirations whilst receiving outstanding levels of support and satisfaction.

To maintain efficient and effective procedures in all areas of what we do every day ensuring a safe and welcoming place to live where only best practice is acceptable and to propagate an ambitious future.

To develop positive and productive partnerships with all groups and organisations within the local community. Together with those who share our ethos and champion the rights of children and young people with learning disabilities both nationally and locally.

To develop children and young people to have ambition and who have resilience, are resourceful and are as independent as they can be. To have the support to grow in confidence in the knowledge that they are positively contributing to their community. To be able to enjoy and achieve all of what they wish to. To learn new skills and experiences. To have the support that can assist them to have an economically secure future.

We want to Develop new initiatives and provide a workplace where people value and love the work they do by nurturing a culture of high performance and positivity.

To see our statement of purpose, please contact the office on 01430 803126

Children with Learning Disabilities

Children with Learning Disabilities