Our Mission Statement

Our development programme is unique and bespoke designed to help each young person to optimise their own personal, social and vocational competency in order to live their lives successfully in the communities they reside in.

These settings offer a secure sometimes rural and isolated but informal surroundings to reduce barriers between staff and young person.

Our programme includes doing outdoor sports/leisure and recreational activates such as camping. These activities are based on individual needs and capacities.

Our aim with these activities is to break the barrier between staff and young person without the interference of modern technology and strip back to basics of communication and working on social skills, coping mechanisms, self-esteem and confidence.

The programme provides a safe controlled environment with a high degree of supervision and structure in which the young person receives therapeutic intervention the purpose is to stabilise the young person within the period and prepare him/her back into the environment he/she came from or to a new placement.

Our Mission Statement

We work closely with social workers and other professionals to meet each young person’s individuals needs from the first port of call we select the right staffing team to be placed with each young person’s looking at each young person’s risk, ethnic culture, and personal circumstances to help them optimise their engagement with the programme.