VCare 24 Transport

Our aim is to deliver the very highest standards of care and performance to our clients both within the NHS and the private sector, and fundamentally the people who use their services and who we work with to support in their pathway to recovery. While delivering a service of the highest standard of care and security, the dignity and well-being of the individual therefore their comfort is paramount, and which adds to the success and safety of the organisations we work for.


To achieve our objectives our staff will always be approachable and act with integrity, compassion and courtesy, while demonstrating respect and dignity for all our service users, and in addition to the understanding of different Mental Health illnesses and behaviours.

We will ensure our staff are trained to the highest standards to maximise knowledge, understanding, safety and dignity in the workplace. With a strong commitment to continuously develop our skills, VCare24 Ltd is continuously looking into ways to develop the team’s knowledge and skills while listening to the views of those we serve, with a willingness to learn from any feedback and views of others.

By identifying and managing potential risks and hazards, we strive to achieve successful outcomes and to reduce the risk of harm to the individuals, staff and general public. If faced with challenges, we remain professional, calm and restrained and will only engage in and physical restraint or force which is necessary to accomplish our roles and responsibilities.

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Secure Services

Our secure patient transport services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. If you or your organisation do not have a current contract with VCare24 Ltd we will still be able to manage and cater for your requirements.

All our vehicles are maintained to a high standard and are serviced on a regular basis. All are fitted with privacy glass and are livery free to ensure client discretion. We DO NOT use caged vehicles as it is our strong belief that those we transport deserve to be treated with the utmost care and respect during a time of vulnerability.

Our 24-hour Hub Team will assist you with any requirements and will ask you to complete our online booking form that will give VCare24 Ltd the authorisation to commence the service to provide a service and team suitable to the individual’s needs.

Hospital Transfers and Repatriation

Transferring service users is a daily occurrence for VCare24 Ltd. Our fully trained staff will provide reliable and professional services ensuring transfers are safe and efficient. We also provide repatriation services for those who are discharged from hospital following successful treatment and need to go home or to a preferred destination.

136 Suite Response

The 136 suite is a place of safety for those who have been detained under Section136 of the Mental Health Act by the police following concerns that they are suffering from a mental disorder. Once in the suite, the individual is assessed to establish whether they need treatment. Our team at VCare24 Ltd are experienced in responding to 136 suites and managing the subsequent transfer requirements of service users following their assessment.

Warrant Executions

On behalf of the local AMHP service, we can undertake an essential role in the multi-agency approach to executing a warrant under s135 MHA for the purpose of sectioning or recalling service users, usually from their place of residence. Our teams will then convey the service user to a designated place of safety for appropriate treatment.

Children and Young Persons

All VCare24 Ltd staff are trained in the Safeguarding of Adults and Young Persons. The organisation follows comprehensive policies and procedures surrounding the conveyance of adults and young persons. We also have the capacity to provide mixed gender teams daily and are well experienced in managing any sensitive tasks.

Court Appearances

Our experienced staff teams can support young people attending court for both criminal and welfare matters. Ensuring a young person is kept safe and secure while attending legal proceedings.

Police Custody

People who are detained by the Police under section 135 or 136 of the Mental Health Act will sometimes be taken to their local Police Custody suite. When requested, VCare24 Ltd will ensure our response times are fast and efficient to ensure service users can be moved to a more appropriate place of safety without unnecessary delay.

A&E Transfers

VCare24 Ltd can provide secure transport for organisations who need to admit service users to accident and emergency departments. Our teams will remain with the service user until they have been discharged, keeping in contact with the client throughout with any updates, if service users are admitted overnight our Hub Team will liaise with the care team to consider implementing our Bed Watch service.

Outpatient Appointments

It is not uncommon for people who are detained under the Mental Health Act or young people on a secure order, to attend outpatient appointments. In order to achieve this safely and securely, we will provide a person-centred service to support and accompany the service user to their appointment.

International Repatriation

VCare24 Ltd can provide Secure transport to any international destination for those detained under any Immigration Rules (deportation order). 

Please contact VCare24 Ltd Hub Team and they will assist you with any complex journeys.